Kenyan musician-turned-Member of Parliament Charles Njagua Kanyi, better known by stage name Jaguar, has called upon President Uhuru Kenyatta to emulate Museveni on issues dealing with rent.

The Kigeugeu singer’s request was based on the speech that president Yoweri Kaguta Museveni gave as he was addressing Ugandans about the deadly COVID-19 disease on Wednesday.

During his speech, President Museveni requested landlords across the country to be tolerant and kind to their tenants during this pandemic and not to evict anyone from their buildings or rentals.

The impressed Jaguar took to his socials to plead to his native president to borrow a leaf from Mr. Museveni. Jaguar asked Uhuru Kenyatta to also ban landlords from pestering their tenants for rent.

I urge President Uhuru Kenyatta to take a similar stance on rent as Yoweri Museveni, the President of Uganda. Museveni has stopped evictions in Uganda. Let’s ban them as well. Most Kenyans aren’t going to work. They have little to spare for rent.

Also, govt should protect landlords from auctions by banks. Evictions of tenants, while we are facing this crisis, is a health & security risk that we can’t afford. How will they obey curfews when they are out in the cold? Some will turn to crime out of desperation to fend for their families. Let us avoid such risks by banning evictions.

Landlords who can waive rent should do so, as His Excellency, the President, requested. Others can collect rent later. Tenants who can pay full rent should pay. Those who can pay part of it should make local arrangements with their landlords. Play your part & we shall overcome.


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