If Karole Kasita wasn’t doing music, she would have probably been one of the health practitioners helping the nation to overcome the current Coronavirus pandemic crisis.

The singer stunned her viewers and fans while live on a Sanyuka TV interview where she disclosed that while growing up, her mother wanted her to become a Doctor in the future.

The Kuba Yaka singer opened up about her mother’s wishes as she backed her point that she was very kind towards people and animals while growing up.

She, however, hit her mum with a huge blow when she instead opted for PEM at A-Level which is an Engineering combination.

My mother wanted me to become a Doctor. I think it was because of my kindness towards people and animals. However, in A-Level, I offered PEM – which is an engineering combination.

Karole Kasita

Karole Kasita went on to reveal that she fell in love with music and singing while at a tender age and that he she used to perform for her mother and siblings while in their living room.

I fell in love with music and singing when I was a child. I used to sing in front of my mother and siblings at home in our small living room.

Karole Kasita

She also shared about her high school life story saying she was a very stubborn and popular girl who got expelled from school on several occasions.

I was a very stubborn girl in high school and as well very bright. However, I never loved the idea of reading and revising books, so I always made sure that I paid maximum attention in class.

I was always that popular girl in school and because of my naughtiness I got expelled from some schools.


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