Ugandan singer Joseph Mayanja a.k.a Jose Chameleone lost the battle but can he go on to win the war against Uganda Revenue Authority after his monster ride – a Toyota Land Cruiser V8 – was impounded?

As believers celebrated the rise of Jesus Christ, most of us were locked up at our homes enjoying the company of our family members and friends. At Bulange Mengo, it was a battle of words between Chameleone and URA enforcers.

In the scuffle that lasted for a while, Chameleone walked away the victor after URA enforcers let him go on to perform for the Kabaka at the Easter Chamuka concert on BBS Telefayina but tasked him to produce the documents the next day.

The Chameleone we know was so alive and he disobeyed URA’s orders forcing a team from the authority to storm the singer’s house in Seguku where they impounded the Land Cruiser V8 on Easter Monday.

In a discussion with a URA official who prefers anonymosity, we were told that Chameleone could be fined heavily for misconduct against law enforcers and the vehicle could be gone forever.

But first, where did Chameleone get the monster ride from?

With an estimated worth of about UGX100m, Chameleone’s most prized vehicle has always been a topic of discussion with several people noting that it was one of the gifts from the NRM just like the car that was given to Catherine Kusasira. Those claims are as false as they sound.

Reliably, we can inform you that the car was a gift to the legendary singer but not from State House. The Toyota Land Cruiser V8 2016 model was gifted to the singer by one of her biggest fans Achai Wiir.

Achai Wiir is a renown South Sudanese Businesswoman and Socialite who paid Chameleone to sing a song for her titled Achai Wiir. He was also paid to perform at her wedding in Juba.

The car is still registered in South Sudanese license plates to-date. Those close to Chameleone reveal that it is one of his most loved possessions hence probably the reason why he wasn’t willing to take the walk of shame when URA arose to the occasion to claim its documentation.

As it stands, the car is in the hands of URA and while speaking to an official from the authority, he revealed that Chameleone could face arrest and a fine, on top of paying the withstanding taxes if any. Failure to do so will have his car auctioned.

Achaii Wiir (left) with Jose Chameleone at a function

Definitely, a fine and taxes that he (Chameleone) is supposed to pay will be charged. He faces arrest as per now because of how he arrogantly treated the enforcement officer. The car will be auctioned if he fails to produce the required documentation.

URA Official

This is not the first time that Chameleone has clashed with URA. In 2014 on the day of his Tubonge Live East African Concert at Lugogo Cricket Oval, the singer’s Cadillac Escalade was towed over Shs42m tax arrears.

Chameleone’s Cadillac Escalade being towed away at Lugogo Cricket oval in 2014

He eventually reclaimed what was his then but the situation seems harder now. Can the 2021 Lord Mayor hopeful go on to win his prized possession back? We shall keep you in the loop as it all unfolds.

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Josh Ruby is an Editor with high interest and knowledge in the Ugandan entertainment space, an industry he has been actively part of since 2010. Leads to breaking stories are welcome!

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  1. Many artists/musicians need advisors. It cud be a financial advisor or lawyer even business advisors. Because what they have in.plenty is talent and money. They are so ill informed about so many things apart from show biz, fashion, music, hype, fame and starhood.
    The only battle he can win against URA is to pay the fines and taxes, simple.

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