Rising Kenyan TikTok queen Azziad Nasenya reveals her plans to sue Kenyan online blogs for spreading fake news that she turned down an offer to join Wasafi TV just because Diamond Platnumz is a womanizer.

By now, the name Azziad Nasenya is not a new feat for a usual social media user around East Africa. With just one video of the ‘Utawezana Challenge’, the 19-year-old Kenyan has already claimed her spot in the East African entertainment circles.

With the fame, however, always comes fake news and Azziad has already experienced it firsthand. Kenyan online blogs ran a story at the start of the week claiming that she rejected a job offer from Wasafi TV.

TRENDING: Azziad Nasenya

According to the reports, Azziad – a Journalism student – was offered a job by Tanzania’s Wasafi TV after being contacted by Diamond’s manager inviting her to work at the station.

Reportedly, Azziad turned down the offer reasoning that she has never liked Diamond Platnumz because of his womanizing antics. She therefore allegedly turned down the job offer because she preserves her dignity and can’t work with immoral people.

Diamond Platnumz

When Azziad read the news, she was shocked. She quickly took to her Twitter account where she revealed how fake the news was to her ever-growing audience.

This is Fake news. I have engaged my advocates on the matter.

Azziad Nasenya

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