Cindy Sanyu was not ready to have it from one of her fans who asked her to get some of her profits from the Boom Party concert and donate it as food to her fans who are starving during this COVID-19 pandemic.

Since the Ugandan government announced a 32-day lockdown, members of the public have been urging companies and other rich individuals to donate to the vulnerable poor.

The request was heard as several companies and wealthy individuals obliged. Donations in terms of food, basic life items, and medical equipment are given to the COVID-19 Task Force on a daily basis.

Ugandan entertainers have, however, self-isolated in the drive to donate to the poor. All that has been contributed by the musicians are the songs about the deadly Coronavirus.

This has forced their fans to call them out, one by one, on their social media pages. The latest victim to be called out is Cindy Sanyu who was urged to give back to her starving fans.

On one of Cindy Sanyu’s Facebook posts, a fan by the names Emmanuel Ongom asked her to give back some of her collections from her successful Boom Party concert to her fans who are starving.

Baby Cindy King Herself, we supported (you) during Boom Party but our king, (give) some support to your fans who are starving now. One love.

Emmanuel Ongom urged

It didn’t take long before the King Herself stormed the comment with a cold reply. She told him to contact his RDC in order to get food from the government because it has the food for the vulnerable poor.

Please contact your area RDCs for food from the govt. It is the truth. There is food for the vulnerable poor like Mr Emmanuel Ongom here. They just need to go to the right place which is not here. It is the responsibility of the govt and your food is with your RDC. Bambi don’t starve on my page for nothing.

Cindy Sanyu replied

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