Singer Shafik Walukaga alias Fik Fameica is confident that as artists, they have played a great role in sensitizing the nation about the killer COVID-19 disease that hit the world like a storm.

In an interview with NBS TV Uncut show, Fik Fameica stressed how he is proud of fellow artists who have played a great role to spread information on how to curb the spread of the disease through music.

The Fresh Gang CEO goes on to note that in some countries, artists are rewarded for similar work before he requested the Ugandan government to give them some cash for upkeep.

You see, in other countries, artists are the ones who are instead given some money for upkeep simply because we are exceptional people but not in a bad way.

Different governments give artists some money in situations like this we are in just for upkeep because we are not working.

Fik Fameica

When asked if he also needed a bailout from the government, Fik Fameica quickly excluded himself saying he is okay. He added that he doesn’t need help from the government.

He, however, asked fellow artists who can reach out to the public depending on their financial capacity, to do donate to the vulnerable.

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