In this new series of stories, for the next period of the COVID-19 lockdown, we are going to be looking at the effects quarantine has had on the lifestyles and fashion for different local celebrities. Spice Diana makes the debut as she echoes her fashion sense during workouts in quarantine:

Known for her ‘32‘ magic and her kind yet bubbly personality within the music industry, Spice Diana is still splashing positive vibes by looking glamorous and making fitness her new thing during the stay at home campaign throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Award-winning Fashionista and Songstress still lashes out in style through these trying times. A wise man says, “Work without play makes John a dull boy.” With Spice Diana on the steering wheel, we would love to say, “Quarantine without style makes Spice Diana a dull girl.”

Spice Diana strikes a pose in her glamorous outfit in front of her mansion

We can never say enough about this well-known and respected Fashionista and we never run out of the appreciation for her creativity and good vibes at such a time.

She is serving us with all the inspiration, making us believe that Fashion is her armor to survive the reality of everyday life. She workouts on a daily at the gym in her multi-million mansion.

She’s having a ride, isn’t she?

(Story Compiled with help of Sheilla Clara, a Fashion and Entertainment lover)

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