COVID-19 has slowly shaped up our lives to live differently from our usual routines. Doreen Kabareebe talks to us about what she has learnt during this quarantine period, the positives and the negatives:

MBU – Hi Doreen. What is the nature of your current routine amidst the COVID-19 quarantine?

D.K – I don’t really have a fixed program during this quarantine period, however, I am using it to meditate and do more of online research. We keep learning daily.

MBU – What are some of the POSITIVES that you have picked up thus far during quarantine?

D.K – Since I lost my Dad in 2018, it’s my first time staying with my mum. I am using this time to bond with her which is a positive aspect on my side. I am a humorous kind of person, I do not take life seriously so am always joking with mum during this period.

Having a positive mindset and making some funny jokes can help us feel healthier and release stress hormones. We make some funny jokes even about corona but we make sure to be sensible.

MBU – What about the NEGATIVES? Have you got any as yet?

D.K – Just seeing some people without food makes my heart bleed. I keep following on social media and I am glad that the government is trying to do their best in that aspect.

I am an introvert so I have no problem staying home provided I have my Bible plus my movies and books, then am sorted. Imagine I just discovered that am a good cook.

MBU – Any message to your fans and followers?

D.K – In times of crisis, we could use humor as a defense mechanism to help us deal with conflicting emotions and thoughts. Am glad people are using TikTok to make those humorous videos.

And please keep checking on your loved ones. Social distancing does not mean emotional distancing. Check on your loved ones. We need each other now more than ever. Stay home, wash your hands, and keep a positive attitude. This too will come to pass. Blessings to you all.


Doreen Kabareebe is a renown Ugandan Model, Socialite, and Kabareebe Models For Charity CEO. She returned to the country after years of working abroad and has settled in well with her foundation picking up speed.

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