Ugandan Singer and Songwriter Nince Henry has resurfaced to the big scene with a piece of important advice to Jose Chameleone whom he cautions never to act on anything with anger.

Following his heated up scuffle with URA enforcement officials on Easter Sunday, Jose Chameleone has been a case study for several of his fans, followers, and fellow celebrities about the dangers of using anger in similar situations.

The Leone Island boss appeared really angered and not ready to listen to anything that the URA officials were telling him after he was intercepted and delayed from performing on BBS Telefayina as they requested him to produce the registration documents for his Toyota Land Cruiser V8.

One of the people who have arose to give a piece of advice for the future to the Baliwa singer is Nince Henry. Through his Facebook, the Mpola Mpola singer reveals the bad side of acting with anger.

Nince Henry notes that when one acts with anger, they risk losing everything always because it is the worst negative emotion which uses up someone’s adrenaline and reduces their ability to think and speak.

Jose Chameleon: Anger is the worst negative emotion. Avoid acting on it! Obusungu bulabisa. Being an emotion that reacts on external stimulus. Anger uses up your adrenaline and reduces your ability to think and speak rationally. You may not know in real-time but you always lose: Whenever you act on anger you lose.

Nince Henry

Do you agree with Nince Henry the Chameleone should start managing his anger?

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