Under normal circumstances, Ahumuza Brian a.k.a Abryanz would spend his days running errands and cashing in from his Abryanz Collection shop at Garden City. Under quarantine, the routine has changed completely.

With the outbreak of COVID-19, the Ugandan government imposed a lockdown and ordered everyone to stay home in order to stay safe. Abryanz has obliged to the guidelines and he talked to us about life under quarantine:

MBU – Good afternoon Abryanz. How are you and how is life under quarantine?

A.B – My quarantine is actually the same, I don’t have a planned routine because sometimes I sleep so late watching movies till morning then I sleep during day. I can have a night where I am awake the whole night then I sleep during day.

On a normal day, however, I wake up and pray. Not always though. I pray when it hits me hard. When I hear that there are more deaths and all the other things that are happening, I pray.

The different thing right now is that I can actually do most of the house chores myself. I don’t need my maid to help with everything. If he’s mopping the house, I am washing utensils.

I got time to check on the plants around my house, I get time to play with my dogs. I have four dogs and I get time for them which wasn’t the case before quarantine. I know their schedule now; when they have to eat, to bathe, and so on.

I do a few push ups, the presidential push ups, once in a while when I feel like the body needs it. I also do some skipping once in a while, just trying to keep myself busy.

MBU – Any negatives you have so far noticed about such a lifestyle?

A.B – Me not being able to meet my clients, to negotiate with them, to make money moves. I’m used to making money but right now it’s all about spending, spending, spending. I also miss my shop, my work space, my employees, workmates, all that.

MBU – Any positives?

A.B – Right now what matters most is being alive so I have learnt to appreciate life more knowing that it’s not all about money but living, being healthy, and safe.

I just realized at some point that I don’t care if I lose everything but stay alive at the end of the day. I can start afresh, I’d open a new chapter.

MBU – That’s quite something to think about for the reader. Any last words you would want to say to your fans?

A.B – Right now life is very important. Let’s stay at home, let’s stay safe. Life first, everything else can come later when you’re alive. Like the president said, this is a war about being alive. The cars we want to drive, the books we want to study, can all always come later. Stay home, stay safe!

Ahumuza Brian (Abryanz), born 1st November 1990, is the CEO Abryanz Collection Store, a Ciroc UG Ambassador, Fashion Personality, Celebrity Stylist, and Entrepreneur.

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