Nobody ever imagined that life would at one point hit a dead end like it currently seems to be doing for most people around the world. For Nina Mirembe, not much has changed as she uses the quarantine to get busy with her son Fitzy.

A mother of one lovely son, Nina Mirembe can be described as a bubbly, cheerful, smiley, hardworking, and creative woman with an unending love for fashion and fitness.

We had a chat with her about how the COVID-19 quarantine period and lockdown have effected her life routine and what she makes of the current situation as a whole:

MBU – Hi Nina, how is your routine through this quarantine?

M.N – I work from home and the only time I get to work outdoors is when I have fashion shows or pop up shops so I would say the lockdown didn’t affect me so much on accessing work.

However, as a mother and a swimwear designer, I might be going through tough both ways as school packages we were given have been done and home schooling is the hardest thing I have ever done.

As an E-commerce business, there are no more sales from Ugandan customers as everyone is holding onto that money for essentials the more they extend the lockdown but I still have a few incoming orders from Europe as they still have hopes to be out of the lockdown by summer.

Regardless I’m still innovative working on new designs to release after the lockdown and that’s the beauty of being an entrepreneur.

It’s been quite a trying period for me but I make sure I start my days on a positive note with some exercising, I eat what I have available and I’m grateful for it. We shall all make it out alive.

MBU – They say every situations has the good things about it. What are some of the positives picked in quarantine?

M.N – I have got more time to bond with my family. I am learning more accountability, adopting patience, innovating my business as I have no pressure at the moment.

MBU – Any negatives?

M.N – The situations is draining my savings. There is limited access to some essential needs and endless questions of what is happening next after all this.

MBU – Anything you would love to say to the person reading this?

M.N – Now is the time to stay together. Check on your neighbor and your neighbor will check on you. This too shall pass!

Nina Mirembe is an ex-Fashion Model, Humanitarian, Entrepreneur, Fashion Designer, and Managing Director of NinaMire – a young Ugandan brand that produces handmade swimwear and festival garments.

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