Zari Hassan a.k.a Zarinah Tlale a.k.a Zari the Bosslady is one of the most respected females in East Africa’s entertainment circles. Just like most people around the world, the mother of five has also been affected by the Coronavirus quarantine.

The S.A-based Ugandan Businesswoman, Socialite, Influencer, and CEO Brooklyn College Schools in Pretoria, South Africa had a chat with this website talking about a typical day in her life during the COVID-19 quarantine.

MBU – Hello Zari. How would you describe a typical day in your life during this quarantine?

Zari – Before, my day would start at 5:30AM where I prepared the bigger boys for school then 6AM for the small babies. By 6:45, everyone would be out of the house.

With COVID-19, I wake up at around 7AM, I think my brain is still programmed to wake up early. So I wake to my laptop because the college E-learning is still going on.

Me and my branch managers are usually on the management WhatsApp group discussing various things including which work schedules for students to be uploaded for the next day. I sometimes involve HODs – Heads of Departments who are subject specialists – for the correct syllabuses to be uploaded. Once that’s done, my day as a mom begins.

I cook late lately…..I think the kids in my home eat between 4 to 6 meals, that’s from 10AM to past midnight since they don’t sleep early.

Online learning for my boys starts at 8AM where their teachers do video conference calls to all students. As parents, we’ve been warned not to walk around in our pjs because other kids can see our kids on video (laughs).

My kids take a break after 10AM and resume at 11AM till 1PM and that’s it for the day so I’m always monitoring them.

At 10AM breakfast is served, thereafter, I do some home exercises. I’ve got a treadmill and weights. Then emails, and then I find sometime for my social media in between making lunch.

After 3PM, it’s mostly a lazy afternoon catching on a movie or just sipping anything drinkable from tea, lemon water or champagne. It all depends on the mood.

5PM we prepare dinner which is usually served at 8PM then more movies or cartoons with the smaller babies and more social media. I think that’s more like my routine.

Once in a while, I will pop out to buy some household essentials but that never takes more than an hour.

MBU – Interesting! What are some of the POSITIVES that you have noticed during this period?

Zari – I’ve gotten to spend more time with the kids, a lot of bonding has happened. I’ve learnt not to take everything for granted. I appreciate God more and I’ve become a very prayerful woman. Not that I wasn’t but I think I am 100 times more. I now appreciate the small things in life.

MBU – And what are the NEGATIVES?

Zari – I miss going out. I am a workaholic who was always on the move. I miss travelling. We missed our Capetown Easter holiday trip. We miss family and friends, the small gestures like hugs and handshakes. Meeting up for lunch with friends and the silly giggles.

Most important, the economy is struggling. A lot of people are financially struggling in this period with some lacking food, basic healthcare and so much more.

MBU – Thank you for letting us tap a bit of your time. What are the last words you’d want to say to the reader and your fans, and followers?

Zari – I will conclude by urging people to stay home. With social distancing, the lesser the spreading of the disease and the earlier we will get back to our lives. With more people refusing to stay home and interacting, the more infections there will be meaning this will never be over!


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