From being that loud girl on your radio from 6am to 10am – Oh yeah! That we actually miss – Judithiana Namazzi is a beauty, fashion influencer, media personality, as well as a makeup artist.

Judithiana has grown within the entertainment industry and she is one of the top influential figures in the creatives industry.

Have you checked her out? I guess not. All we gotta say is that these 21 days should not leave you clueless. We take it upon ourselves to introduce this fashion magician, to keep you motivated and inspired by her works and sense of style hid under her sleeves.

We won’t say a lot for only visuals can say much. We leave you in her hands so you can experience the touch of her magic for she only serves hotness and style which can’t be stopped by the lockdown or the dull mood around the city.

Daniele Donato says, “Fashion is an art. You express who you are through what you’re wearing,” here is Judithiana Namazzi in all contrasts:

(Story Compiled with help of Sheilla Clara, a Fashion and Entertainment lover)

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Josh Ruby is an Editor with high interest and knowledge in the Ugandan entertainment space, an industry he has been actively part of since 2010. Leads to breaking stories are welcome!

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