Renown Ugandan Model, Actress, Dancer, Singer, and Influencer Natasha Sinayobye is staying home to keep safe amidst the widespread Coronavirus. We caught up with her to understand what she is doing with her time.

MBU – Hi Tash. Precisely, how best could you describe your daily routine through quarantine?

N.S – I wake up in the morning and do a little bit of yoga. When am done with yoga, I do a hike every other day then cook some lunch or dinner, alternating with my Mom.

I then find time to rest, watch some TV then I do the evening workouts now that I have a lot of time. I settle down and read a book after that.

Basically, that’s what I do. That’s my routine daily but if I change a bit, I get on my phone and do some research and work.

MBU – Through this while so far, have you noted some POSITIVES in your life?

N.S – Am trying to make sure I keep routine because I don’t want to go back to work and play catch-up.

MBU – Any NEGATIVES you have so far realized during this quarantine?

N.S – I have so much time on my hands and so little to do. I’m trying to relax but honestly it’s just not my comfort zone to be indoors for this long.

MBU – What would be the advice to your fans going through this crisis?

N.S – I’m being safe. For everyone to be able to go back to work and for everyone to be able to enjoy their life freely without curfew and all, I think we should follow the set regulations for now.

Staying home is the safest thing right now because we’re trying to get rid of this COVID-19 thing out of Uganda so the best thing is for us to stay home.

As citizens of Uganda, let’s observe and see how we can fight it and see if staying indoors is going to help. If it does, we’ll all go back to our lives. Let’s keep our families and friends safe by staying home.


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