Lunabe Music Entertainment CEO Lil Pazo, born Mukasa Yasin, set the pace for fellow musicians when he was recognized by the Head of State as one of the first musicians to donate relief food to the National Task Force.

The Genda Ogule Emotoka fame singer donated over 80kgs of posho to the anti COVID-19 task force and on his way from the minister’s office, he was intercepted by security personnel who arrested him with two of his friends.

His gesture of donating food relief is a wake up call to fellow artists who have been busy shying away from the offering the little they have to the needy.

Lil Pazo’s act has saved the artists’ image from being pinned on the ‘wall of shame’ as a group of people believed to have made a fortune following the lifestyle that they display on social media and in public.

In the same regard, celebrated TV host Tuff B has called out fellow celebrities to acknowledge and appreciate Lil Pazo for lifting the artists’ image rather than ridiculing him.

If we don’t show appreciation to those that deserve it ‘ they’ll learn to stop doing the things we appreciate.

This young man @lilpazoofficial went ahead and donated 80kgs of posho to the ministry of health and not many of us have appreciated his effort and for a few blogs that have they are calling him faded artist ” bla bla bla bla why add faded ???

Ok, what has your trending one done? Lets only learn to share gratitude and motivate the giving hand so they can still do the things we appreciate

Tuff B

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