Again, Bebe Cool is on the receiving end of a bare-knuckles attack from a fellow artist Gift ov Kaddo who claims that the Gagamel singer is not talented and hence doesn’t deserve respect since he cannot write music.

Gift ov Kaddo is one of the recognized vocalists from back in the day. The former Goodlyfe crew singer is widely known for his hit songs Traffic Man Officer, Lawyer, Bamugambe, Mapenzi, among others.

Most music critics state it that the candle of his stardom was extinguished with the death of his partner in crime Mr. X but Gift ov Kaddo still believes that his legacy will last forever and wants to be remembered as a legend.

The late Mr. X and Gift ov Kaddo

During an interview with NBS TV, Gift ov Kaddo revealed that he does not recognize Bebe Cool’s contribution to music and that he cannot accord him respect because of their sour past.

The Lawyer singer added saying that the Gagamel singer is not as talented as people portray him because he is the only big artiste who cannot write his own music but depends on Songwriters.

Bebe Cool doesn’t reason. You have to search the history behind me and Bebe Cool. I write my music, all my songs from the first song, but you compare me with Bebe Cool?

I don’t respect him, he can’t write music. He should stop making lists of musicians if he can’t write music. If he is to do a list again, let him start by comparing my songs to his.

Gift ov Kaddo

One good turn deserves another, so they say, and we hope Bebe Cool can arise to steer his brand clear of this assertion. We shall keep you posted on all developments from this story.

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