Renown events organizer Abtex, real name Abby Musinguzi, has openly endorsed local herbalist Sylvia Namutebi a.k.a Mama Fiina for a Minister’s role in President Museveni’s government.

Speaking in an interview with Spark TV, Abtex explained that Mama Fiina is the only trustworthy woman in the National Resistance Movement (NRM) whose acts and ideologies he supports and believes in.

Abtex went on to endorse Mama Fiina for a ministerial role stressing that he would like president Museveni to appoint her for a top seat in his cabinet because of her inborn intellect despite her low level of education.

He further added that she is the only woman from NRM whom he would vote freely without bias if she contested for any top position because of the generosity and care which she has shown to the needy.

Maama Fiina is the only trustworthy woman in NRM and I also believe in most of her acts and ideologies. Although she normally says that she is not educated enough, I believe that she is one of the ladies that president Museveni should appoint as a minister in his cabinet because of her inborn intellect.

She is the only NRM woman who can contest for a position and I freely vote for her without any bias. In fact, she is not always in these showbiz scenarios and always gives a helping hand whenever done is.


As if praising Mama Fiina’s generosity and character wasn’t enough, Abtex went on to express his fond feelings for the local herbalist saying that if she came across him, she wouldn’t survive.

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