Paix in Glasgow

Glasgow-based Ugandan musician Paix has released cover art for her upcoming single ‘How Long‘.

Paix in “Self Love” with Mysterex

The star shared the track’s cover art on Instagram and Twitter, explaining the bed-rock of its inspiration in a lengthy revelation.

She says, it was written in “response to some pretty intense feelings of rejection and loss,” with a visual in the pipeline.

Paix has been working on music for quite a while. She started her career at a tender age and expressed her talent at family functions, school, youth clubs, church worship team and local performances.

She has since actively collaborated with other artists, wrote and recorded songs.

In 2019, Paix wrote and performed Self Love, a single from the album Book of Kotch by Mysterex. She followed with the single ‘Only One’ which was a single from the album Argot by Cold North.

‘How Long’ will be her first solo release, produced by Gillieson.

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