Local Dance Teacher, Video Choreographer and Fitness Instructor Uncle Walter has called upon fellow wealthy dancers to donate food relief support to vulnerable dancers to help them through quarantine.

Uncle Walter who featured in Swangz Avenue songstress Azawi’s banger Quinamino sent out his message through a video clip which he shared on his socials.

The choreographer, who didn’t want to hit directly at artists for neglecting dancers in this current COVID-19 pandemic lockdown, tactfully advised dancers to be very mindful when featuring in artists’ videos next time.

He went ahead to hint that the next time dancers are hired to act as vixens in videos, artists might have to pay a higher fee than previously becausee the Coronavirus crisis has taught them a lesson.

His plea came after a number of artists putting their focus on only supporting DJs and MCs through this crisis, leaving the dancers to starve.

I Would Like By Say Thanks You To Sylar Robert Ssempijja, Jonas Byaruhanga, and EWAKA Foundation .

For running to the vulnerable dancers who go and they where more thank 200 with there families. I SAY THANK YOU.

Some Days Back Some One Made A Joke About Dancers That I Can’t Say Now…

And I Started Thinking About It, 2 weeks Have Passed Now, And all I Can Say Is As The Government Is Preparing To Come, Lets Start By We The Dancers Running To Others Like The Robert, Jonas, Keiga and Ewaka Did.

Me I Will Start By Giving In What I Have To Run To Those In Need And Call Out All The Dancers That Can Help, Lets Not Go To The Artists To Beg Them But Help Our Own Fellow Dancers. I Start With 100k.Ugs

Uncle Walter

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