According to Mikie Wine’s wife Shazney Khan, the robbers who stormed their house and ran off with UGX 8.2M seem to have been sure they had the money with them. She narrates it as the most traumatizing moment in her life.

In the wee hours of Monday morning, panga wielding thieves broke into Singer Mikie Wine’s home, put the family members under threat and ran off with valuables including millions of shillings.

The scenario happened just a day after different online media platforms showed the video of the couple being interviewed, as they took Luzze Anderson on a tour around their mansion.

Could the thieves have watched those videos and decided to launch their attack based on what they had seen? No one can certify that but according to Mikie Wine’s wife, it is a moment she can never forget in her life.

Mikie Wine and wife Shazney Khan

During an interview with Luzze Andrew Anderson, Shazney Khan revealed that it was such a traumatizing moment for her, one that she would never wish on her worst enemy.

Shazney reveals that the robbers went with money worth UGX8.2M which she was planning to spend on construction of the parts on their unfinished house.

It was scary, it was very traumatizing. I would not even wish this on my worst enemy. Do you know waking up and finding people you’ve never seen in your life telling you to keep quiet and handover your money to them?

All I was thinking of were my kids. I was telling them, “don’t hurt my kids”… They took the money, they asked us for our phones as well. Surprisingly, they threw the phones at the fence as they left maybe because they were scared of being tracked.

Shazney Khan

She thanked the police saying they were helpful but responded one hour late after the incident was done. Listen to more of what she had to say about the incident:

YouTube video

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