Some people lost count of the days because Friday looks like a Monday since the lockdown was imposed. Singer Cindy Sanyu has been affected too and she is worried she might lose her mind.

Not many people are living comfortably during quarantine. Life is not as we anticipated it to be and everything is contrary to what people had planned to have achieved so far.

For the entertainers, it must be so depressing not being able to hit the road to make it to a given venue on time to perform for their fans, let alone spending days creating magic in the studios.

Cindy Sanyu is one of those singers who feel like they might lose their minds if the lockdown is extended. Her nemesis Sheebah Karungi revealed something similar on Monday.

Through her social media, Cindy revealed that she feels like she has to rediscover herself and that she is finding it hard to adjust to life in quarantine.

I am sorry for my silence naye banange mbagambe ki? What do you wanna know? I feel like I have to rediscover myself and I am finding it hard to adjust,do you feel the same or I am loosing my mind?

Cindy Sanyu

Is everybody feeling it like the King Herself is?

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