Swangz Avenue boss Benon Mugumbya is set to bless Eddy Kenzo with cash for upkeep on his stay in Cote d’Ivoire where he got stuck after President Museveni halted flights in and out of the country in efforts to curb on the spread of the COVID-19 disease.

The Big Talent Entertainment CEO has now been in Ivory Coast for more than a month since the Head of State announced a lockdown in Uganda.

He recently joked about how he needed some cash for upkeep after he was bedridden when he was suffering from stomachache complications.

Since that day, Benon Mugumbya has been having different thoughts about the BET award winner. He finally opened up on how he thinks that people shouldn’t downplay his situation with assumptions that he is fine.

He has now pledged to send or contribute some cash on his upkeep while in Cote d’Ivoire hoping that it will be of great help.

Kenzo has been on my mind lately, we can easily downplay his situation on the assumption “yamalayo” “yakikuba” so he should be fine, but what if he is not? what if he needs us? I am just thinking, how about you (the person reading this) and I contribute to his upkeep while in Ivory Coast? I am sure it will help a great deal. Simanyi oba netumikiriza naye mpulira kinkakatako.

Benon Mugumbya

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