Nsimbi Music CEO GNL Zamba, born Ernest Nsimbi, has reasoned that Ugandan artists are broke because of artists’ managers and events promoters who cheat them.

While speaking in an interview, the legendary LugaFlow storyteller explained that Ugandan artists are still broke because they took quite long to understand music as a business.

He first explained how music itself is profitable and then gave the example of the time when his music generation group rose to limelight but whenever they got money, they would spend aimlessly.

The Story Ya Luka singer added that artists might be broke because Uganda’s music industry is still young compared to that of the US which has now lived for over 150-years yet ours just started getting profitable in the 90’s.

He also stressed the Ugandan music industry players are still learning the principles of the music business but bragged how he successfully managed to earn from it as of now he sells his Baboon Forest Entertainment shirts among other items.

We as artists, it has taken us quite a long time to understand music as a business and how to manage it.

Like my generation, we rose to fame at the of around the age of 19 and early 20’s. By that time someone is still in his youthful stage and whenever we got money we used to spend it aimlessly without minding about how to save.

The music itself is profitable because someone stages a show and earns some money as artists themselves.

But the promoters, booking agents plus their managers who cheat them because of their developed business minds and this brings about artists earning less.

GNL Zamba

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