Paix in 'How Long'

Glasgow-based Ugandan Musician Paix has released the video for her new solo track ‘How Long’.

Paix in ‘How Long’

The artist whose work of art premiered on Friday evening revealed her creative process after teasing the song for nearly a fortnight.

In an Instagram post, Paix explained how she started working on the song, saying she “wrote the first half” of the song “when” she “was pretty stuck.”

She revealed that Gillieson – who produced the song – sent her “a short vid of him playing some really beautiful chords on the piano” and she “immediately responded.”

In the video, Paix features some quite umber and sepia – evening shots of Glasgow, before strolling on an open – paneled balcony.

She then starts tenderly singing along the thuddy bass drum beats and mellow piano sound in expression of her feelings.

A couple of camera flashes partially illuminate her pathway as her French braids gently oscillate, rubbing the yoke back of her long black jacket.

Video direction & cinematography is credited to David Chukwujekwu with special thanks to Nima Sene, Carine Barinia, Sean Reid and Frankie Mulholland.

‘How Long’ is Paix’s first solo release that follows ‘Only One’ from the album Argot by Cold North and ‘Self Love’, a single from the album Book of Kotch by Mysterex.

Watch the video here;

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