Stylist and NTV Style Project show editor Tazibone Solomon, has come out to back Sheilah Gashumba about TV presenter’s pay rise request.

Through a sub-tweet on one of Sheilah Gashumba’s rants, Tazibone confirmed to the pencil-thin socialite’s statements noting that being on the TV set is not a bed of roses as viewers might think.

He added that it’s all about smoke and mirrors before he went on to reveal that one can’t entirely depend on Ugandan TV alone to make ends meet.

Tazibone also disclosed how he feels pity for Ugandan TV presenters who don’t have side businesses before he wondered how they make it in life.

He finally trashed the idea of one being in the spotlight and exposed but when the job that propels him or her in that direction can’t maintain the image and lifestyle costs that come with it.

Truth bombs! The majority believe being on TV is a bed of roses nga its all smoke and mirrors.

One can’t entirely depend being on Ugandan TV alone to get by. Ela nsasira nyo Ugandan TV presenters without side hustles.

The idea of fame and exposure is exciting, but not when a job propels you into the limelight and yet can’t pay you enough to maintain the image and lifestyle it requires.

Tazibone Solomon

Former Swangz Avenue singer Irene Ntale, has also shown support of Sheilah Gashumba’s idea as she added her voice on her topic by urging TV stations and Radio owners to look out for ways of how they can deservingly pay their DJs and presenters fairly.

I agree with Sheilah Gashumba, TV Stations/Radio ought to look into this. DJs & presenters are professionals deserving of proper pay. They shouldn’t have to rely on “handouts” from whoever is pushing projects.

Irene Ntale

However, one of followers was quick to make jokes about her rants as he expressed himself saying he has a feeling that NBS is about to sign her which Sheilah has time and again denied.

I have a feeling NBS is about to sign Sheilah and just hit the final nail on this topic


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