Robin Kisti, real name Robinah Kisitu, has mocked the Gashumbas revealing that Sheilah’s father Frank is only trying to raise his daughter’s standards to match the former NTV Login presenter’s.

Last Friday (1st May 2020), Sheilah Gashumba revealed how she used to earn Shs50k per show while still working at NTV Uganda. She followed her revelation with accusation of how employers in media exploit journalists.

Her revelation was met with massive support from the public and several top celebrities but a few, including former NTV Login show presenter Robin Kisti, despised the manner in which Sheilah exposed her former employees.

Robin Kisti while still working on NTV Uganda

Some people rose with claims that Kisti is fighting a needless battle against a girl way younger than her and that she is just jealous of what Sheilah has achieved in such a short time.

Kisti denied claims that she has a personal battle against Sheilah and that she is just jealous. The former Login presenter revealed that she is only fighting for the career which she invested so much in.

I have no beef with Sheilah. I only arose as a TV presenter who is defending her craft. I studied for this career and I know its worth.

Robin Kisti

Further, Kisti noted that Sheilah paid bloggers to rise up and attack her on social media but most were her friends and they even first called her on phone to alert her of what Sheilah had done.

From Sheilah, Kisti rolled easy to her father Frank whom she says tried his level best to make her friends with his daughter as she joined NTV Uganda. Kisti reveals that Sheilah told her all this.

Her father realized that I was a smart woman and he made sure we became friends since they were building Sheilah’s brand to become one of the best presenters.

Even now, her father coming on TV, he is trying to clean the damage that her daughter has already done just like any other parent, even if your child is a thief you’d defend them.

I was born here, grew up in the UK, studied in the U.S, my Mum set for me standards that Gashumba wanted to set for his daughter and failed. Those are the standards he wants to instill in his daughter but it failed.

Robin Kisti

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