Sheebah Karungi, raised by an ambitious woman, saw no fault in backing down on what she wanted to achieve. From being a young girl who experienced a hustle and a struggle to a well-established and successful independent figure.

Sheebah Karungi was raised and educated in the suburbs of Kampala in Kawempe, but later took a break that saw her join the Obsessions a musical group in 2006.

Making money from dancing at the early age of fifteen, Sheebah later left the group, taking higher interest in music as well as continuing her hustle and bustle in the music industry.

Later, she released songs such as Kunyenyeze, Bulikyenkola featuring KS Alpha, Baliwa featuring Coco Finger, and Automatic with Sizzaman which also officially introduced her to a bigger musical audience.

Known as the Ice Cream artist, she went on to release more music with the assistance of Jeff Kiwa, who later resurrected Team No Sleep (TNS) and found herself in the industry.

Despite the many accolades in her shelf, Sheebah has not yet found a reason to quit music. She is also an entrepreneur behind Holic sanitary pads and Natna Hair which deals in human hair extensions and wigs.

Her love of fashion has elevated her to fit among the most fashionable artists and she is regarded as the “Swagg Mama” for her sense of style.

If beauty is an accomplishment, Sheebah’s love for her appearance begins with a good look that sees her working out day-in, day-out. We can’t thoroughly explain her sense of style as she seems to be too spread in all directions as long as she looks amazing for every activity or even sipping wine in her beautiful home garden.

The beautiful artist has collaborated with top stylists, the likes of Kajuuka Abbas, Mavo Kampala, Kamara Adrian, Sashz Closet among others, all notable in the fashion industry.

The Swag Mama, also known as Queen Karma, is unique with as sense of style strikingly her own. She’s also been a fashion icon for some of the youth. Through this quarantine it would be wrong for us not to recommend her to the lucky you for some health, beauty and glow inspirations as she drops it like it’s hot.

Coco Chanel says, “Dress shabbily and they remember the dress; dress impeccably and they remember the woman.” Why not remember Sheebah Karungi? (wink)

Forget the rules! If you like it, wear it. Take a glance;

(Story Compiled with help of Sheilla Clara, a Fashion and Entertainment lover)

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