During an interview, former NTV Login presenter Robinah Kisitu a.k.a Robin Kisti denied being addicted to drugs but admitted that she smokes weed anytime she feels like.

Just before Robin Kisti officially left NTV Uganda, there were claims that she was being fired because of misconduct after blogs ran a story of how she was found smoking weed.

She notes that the stories were cooked up by her haters and it was a planned move to have her fired and it even led her to losing several endorsement deals.

Kisti, however, admits that as a young girl, there are several things she tried out just out of curiosity, including smoking weed.

We all, in life, do things like; starting sex at an early age, smoking weed, a lot of people take pills, when you’re young you experiment several things,” revealed Robin Kisti.

In a video shared on social media, while addressing the issues at hand, Robin Kisti admitted to smoking weed. During the interview with Lord Kaiyz on Sanyuka TV, Kisti said that she smokes weed anytime she wants.

Does someone addicted to drug look like me? I am not addicted to drugs… But what are drugs anyway? Even Paracetamol is a drug. The only thing I know I use whenever I want is weed. I’m not gonna lie.

Robin Kisti

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