Nobody ever thought that a day would come when we would hear or think of a possible collaboration between Rickman and multi-award winning Canadian rapper Aubrey ‘Drake’ Graham.

However, that seems closer to a possibilty (at leats in Rickman’s head) after the Bango hit-maker had a dream while chatting with Drake as he showed him lyrics which he had written for their collabo dubbed 5 on Naomi but still I got 5.

Though the possibility of Rickman’s dream coming to reality seems to be far-fetched, we can’t also stop wondering when this moment of greatness will happen as he questions if God just put him to test.

I had a dream and I was showing Drake a bar I wrote “5 on Niamo but still I got 5” and I was trying to explain it to him. Checked Niamo out and it’s a name in Canada tho not so common… A song with Drake?? Or is the Lord testing me? Drake??


Whatever the outcome will be, we just encourage Rickman to keep dreaming big as greatness seems to be knocking on his door.

Drake is a multi-talented Singer, Songwriter, Executive Producer, Actor, and Entrepreneur who is widely credited for popularizing the Toronto sound to the music industry and leading the “Canadian Invasion” of the American music industry.

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