To add her voice to several that already applauded Sheilah Gashumba’s act, Ugandan songstress Yvonne Starr says that Gashumba raised a very important topic which deserves serious debate.

On Friday 1st May 2020, Sheilah Gashumba sent out a series of tweets aimed at exposing the employee mistreatment that happens at several media houses.

Particularly, she revealed how she used to earn just Shs50k per show while still presenting on The Style Project show on NTV Uganda. Her tweets caused an uproar on social media and saw several public figures arise, some in applause and others criticizing her act.

Yvonne Starr – the Actress, Songwriter, and Singer behind songs like Direction, Nawe, Never Knew, among others – believes that Gashumba’s point is a broad one that needs a serious debate.

Yvonne goes ahead to note that the other issue that needs to be addressed among employees and their employers is payment being equal to the amount of work being invested.

I think Sheilah Gashumba raised a topic that is affecting almost every Ugandan not only TV presenters, however it’s a broad topic that needs a serious debate. Another thing also to consider is equal pay for equal work.

Yvonne Starr | Twitter

Yvonne talks about her own experience when she declined a UGX 15M deal that was offered to her to appear on flyers of Centenary Bank in 2014 because she knew the bank was paying her very little in comparison to similar companies in Tanzania and Kenya where she had worked before.

Yvonne is currently living in Saarbrucken, Germany and over a month ago, she prophesied that COVID-19 will be no more by 29th May 2020. We still await to see if her prophesy will turn out true.

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