From when she lost her virginity to when she had a threesomewith her friends, Leila Kayondo’s younger sister Katrina Nilzero held nothing back as she shared her top sex secrets with her followers.

Known for her simple, outgoing personality, Sumaya Kayondo a.k.a Katrina Nilzero has a raunchy side to her lifestyle and she is not afraid to spill the secrets in public

On her Instagram and Snapchat accounts, Katrina commands a relatively huge following and almost on a daily basis since the lockdown started, she has been answering questions from her fans on her Instagram stories.

A few days ago, she requested her fans to ask her anything that they want to know and she would be truthful with her replies. As you’d expect, most of the questions were sex-related.

Nonetheless, or rather obviously, Katrina was very happy to reply to the raunchy questions. Fans asked several questions but three caught our attenntion:

Would you do a threesome with your friends?” asked one of her fans. Katrina was quick in response as she revealed how she has had a threesome with one of her best friends before.

Next, another curious follower asked Katrina when she last had sex. “4 months back,” she replied quite easily. That’s quite a while for her we guess. The lockdown should end already.

Like we said, most questions were sex-related and yet another perverted follower questioned when Katrina lost her virginity. She lost it in her first year at the University. We do not know the exact year that was but we’ve had many people lose theirs even before A-Level.

Katrina is an outspoken Model and Social Media Influencer who uses her image and body to market different female products like hair, clothes, shoes, makeup, etc.

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