In a battle of words that has lasted weeks now, former friends and workmates at NTV Uganda Robin Kisti and Sheilah Gashumba are still at each other’s necks in a feud that was allegedly planned by their former employers.

Following Sheilah’s ‘Shs50k’ revelation in which she pinned NTV Uganda to exploiting its workers with poor pay, she was faced with criticism from several people who countered her act, the bravest being her former friend and workmate Robin Kisti.

Their feud has escalated so quick to the point of either sides attacking the other’s family, hurling all sorts of insults and promising a reign of terror if they ever meet again in public. We’ve heard all that and witnessed it all with shame but how did it all start?

According to several rumors in the entertainment corridors, it’s alleged that Sheilah’s former employers at NTV Uganda have been at the helm of fueling the beef as they fronted their undying servant Kisti to counter the accusations from the self-proclaimed Lil Stunner.

It is said that two managers at the Serena-based station are behind the former Login presenter, encouraging her to water-down Sheilah’s attacks.

The same reports claim that with Kisti revealing that Sheilah is a drug addict, she aimed at killing the latter’s self-esteem in relation with her initial Shs50k rant.

The yet to be confirmed allegations narrow down to the Production Manager at NTV and the Producer of the NTV The Beat show to being the ones fueling the retaliation against Sheilah.

It is reported that Sheilah Gashumba wasn’t fired at NTV but rather resigned after getting fed up of the exploitation. The two above said, however, reportedly made it look like she had been fired and now they’re using Kisti to run their race.

Whatever you choose to believe, this fued is far from over and we shall keep bringing you all information from both sides as it all unfolds.

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