Series of videos have been trending on social media of a one Stella Nandawula who claims to have been raped and tortured by Bryan White. In response, Bryan White cites malicious play by his nemesis Balaam Barugahare.

In the video clips, Stella Nandawula revealed that she was sold to Bryan White by Kilabira Edison who allegedly sells women to rich men. She claims that she has often been battered, raped, and forced to abort by the city Philanthropist.

The teary Stella called out for people to come to her rescue because she is allegedly being held captive by Bryan White. The news was ran on Sanyuka TV’s UnCut program on Wednesday night.

In a live video on his Facebook account on the same night, Bryan White revealed that he is being attacked by mafias who have always gone against him in several ways, even leading to his arrest last year.

Stella Nandawula as well appeared in the video as Bryan White clarified on the issues at hand. He claimed that Stella was used by his enemies to fabricate the rumors against him using unprofessional media channels.

Stella as well claimed that the videos are old because they were made over 5 months ago by people who forced her to accuse Bryan White of forcing her to abort pregnancies after being raped by the same city moneybag.

Bryan White called upon President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni to come to his rescue after several threats on his life were raised. He said that his wealth is the reason why he has always been targeted by the mafias in the country.

Bryan White

President, you need to take away these people. Your people want to kill me over things I don’t understand… You need to bail me out.

Bryan White

In the video, Bryan often described Balaam as one of the people at the forefront of the witch-hunt. Bryan accused the events organizer of often plotting to have him arrested on top of his cars and money being stolen.

Angrily, Bryan alleged that the same mafias are fabricating photos and videos which will be published to shame him and tarnish his image in the public.

Watch the full video below:

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