For starters, despite Juliana Kanyomozi’s celebrity stature, she has every right to keep her private life to herself. However, her newborn baby has left many scratching their heads in trying to find who the father is.

Born on Tuesday 12 May 2020, the newborn son only identified as Taj has been welcomed to the world with many congratulatory messages from top celebrities and fan floating Juliana’s way just after revealing that she has given birth.

One revelation led to curiosity as fans questioned how it’s possible that she kept the pregnancy away from the public for 9 months. A quick look at her Instagram photos points out that she always took photos of her face and never once showed the stomach area.

But even with all that, how did she manage to keep her family members and close friends tight-lipped all this while? That’s a story only her can tell us. For now however, the top question on most people’s lips is WHO IS THE FATHER?

Taj is a Muslim name, according to my Muslim friends. That’s a big lead which means that the father of the baby is Muslim. If you had any Christian leads, we may need to put them secondary for now.

We can’t dig enough if internet doesn’t play a part in this new age and according to Google, Taj is a Muslim boy name originating from the Arabic society. It has several meaning top of which is ‘Crown’. It is also associated the lucky number ‘8’.

Immediately after Juliana shared the photo of her on a hospital bed, holding her bundle of joy, Express Football Club shared artwork with the songstress and a jersey customized ‘Taj 12 May’ on their social media platforms.

In the captions, Express FC named Taj their future star and the message must have come off quite a bit personal; either for the admin or a top official at the club. The timing was also impeccable, as if the artwork had been already organized and awaiting Juliana’s lead.

My mind was up and down all night trying to connect the dots in regarding Express FC’s involvement in Juliana’s business. I found out that she is not even the club’s ambassador, nor a proclaimed fan.

It left me with two random names of the top officials at the club; the Chairman Kiryowa Kiwanuka and the CEO Junju Hamza. Again, this is a random guess which you might ignore.

Other rumors in the local sports community left hints of the possible father of Juliana’s son being from the Rally circles. Moses Lumala’s name was heavily mentioned.

None of the above has ever been seen hanging with Juliana Kanyomozi and no pictorial or visual evidence has been produced yet but with the way the entire pregnancy of one of the top divas in the country was kept a secret, leaves a benefit of doubt.

In the entertainment circles, nobody has been singled out yet but random photos of Twitter influencers and fans have been shared across with baseless claims that they could be the father.

We might never know anytime soon, or we might soon. Right now the score stand at 2-0 in favor of Juliana and she has all the rights to keep us guessing. Eventually though, we’ll land on the right name and we shall let you know. Keep right here.

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Josh Ruby is an Editor with high interest and knowledge in the Ugandan entertainment space, an industry he has been actively part of since 2010. Leads to breaking stories are welcome!

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