Renown Fire Base Crew Producer Sir. Dan Magic has hit out at critics who claimed that Bobi Wine’s online show was good because it was recorded. He advises them to freshen up their reasoning abilities.

Events promoter and businessman Balaam Barugahare and music critic Selector Williams came out and gave their opinions about Bobi’s online concert saying that it seemed as if it was partly recorded.

While speaking to this website, Sir. Dan Magic who didn’t want to go bare knuckles with the critics, kept his cool as he only stated that he just gives such critics time to freshen up their reasoning ability.

Bobi Wine in ‘Esasagge mu Nyumba’ Online concert

He went ahead to express himself saying that if a similar show had been produced by artists from other countries, the critics would applaud the organizers much more yet they critic the local talent.

In his long submission, Sir. Dan Magic cautioned Ugandans to to learn to appreciate their own as the only way through which the Ugandan music industry will reach the international level.

Sir. Dan Magic, Nubian Li and Bobi Wine in studio

Am not gonna embarrass anyone for his or her own way of expression but, however, let me give them time to freshen up their reasoning ability.

Trust me, if that show was produced by any Jamaican, Nigerian, South African, or even A Tanzanian artist you would see the way most of these presenters or those critics applaud how organized those guys are against our own.

I think it’s better some Ugandans learned how to be appreciative on their own than being Negative and trying to demean the strength of our own because at the end of the day we are all fighting to push our music industry to the International level and it’s exactly what we executed on that show.

Sir. Dan Magic

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