Following Bryan White’s outcry to the President for protection after allegations arose pinning her to having raped and tortured his secretary Stella Nandawula, Sheikh Umar Kamoga has asked him to man up and stop being a cry baby.

The controversial local herbalist called out the city money bag Bryan White to man up as he explained that he is not the first person to face such allegations.

He went on to explain that the troubles Bryan White is facing are related to the top job signed up for when he landed the role of working with the president which is a position that many people fight to have.

Sheikh Umar also asked Bryan to handle the issues with maturity and a brave heart as the only courage to defeat his enemies whom he pointed alleging that they want to him to go broke and also end his life.

Sheikh Umar Kamoga has also been cited in several scandals in the past months with artists and allegations of such a kind.

What I have to advise Bryan White about the allegations is that he should be strong in the first place because that is just the beginning.

The first thing is that Bryan White got a top job of working with the president is a place that is yearned by almost everyone including me.

He should consult us on such threats because some of us have been through that and we managed to overcome the obstacles as winners though my cars were also impounded I eventually managed to get them back.

He should, therefore, stop crying for us and be a man period. Because when he continues to cry, his tormentors will be thumping their chests.

Sheikh Umar

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