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Singer Jose Chameleone played on the minds of Madrat and Chiko’s online Sunday House Comedy viewers when he cracked their ribs by stating how Balaam Barugahara is friends with Rihanna.

The Baliwa singer took everyone by surprise when Madrat asked him to clarify on the statement that Balaam made about Bobi Wine’s online show when he claimed that his friend Rihanna had previously held a similar show.

Balaam’s claims got many wondering and questioning if the two are really true friends.

Since Jose Chameleone is one of the local artistes who is known to have worked with Balaam closely and for quite a long period of time, Madrat decided to use the chance to forward the question to him.

In Chameleone’s cheeky reply, he confirmed that Balaam is friends with a lady named Rihanna. He went on to add that he one time wanted to bring her to one of his concerts.

However, before he concluded his submission about Balaam being friends with Rihanna, Chameleone stunned the viewers of the show when he rather stated that Balaam is only friends with ‘Rihanna Namakula’ sparking wild laughter from online viewers and the organizers of the show.

The question about Balaam being friends with Rihanna is true. Yes, he is Rihanna’s friend. He is her friend.

Actually, even at one of my concerts, Balaam wanted to bring her. He wanted to bring Rihanna Namakula

Jose Chameleone

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