A video that is making rounds on WhatsApp shows a yet to be identified woman dancing while showing a rear view of her private body to the camera. Spice Diana’s fans are confused by how much their star looks like the girl in the nude video.

The season of nude photos and videos might be upon us yet again as the lockdown continues. The archives are still littered with several nude girls some of whom were victims of defamation including top local celebrities.

In April 2019, Spice Diana revealed on her socials that she was worried of her private photos leaking after her phone was snatched during a show when there was an electricity blackout.

A new video rotating shows a Spice Diana look-alike dancing to the Source Management’s Jangu Ondabe song with just her blouse on. Her entire lower body is out for everyone to see and she keeps getting closer to the camera.

Spice look-alike? The girl in the nude video.

It is not yet clear how the video got to social media but several people are still confused about whether the female in the video is Spice Diana herself or just a doppelganger.

When you look critically at the anonymous female’s face, there are several features that are so relatable to Spice Diana’s. Her body as well sort of matches the singer’s adored body. So does the skin tone.

According to other people who have watched the video, the nude girl’s booty is a bit bigger than Spice’s. We still wonder how that was measured. We really hope it is not Spice Diana in the video, however.

We know the part you’re eagerly waiting for but sorry, we cannot share such videos but it could be in your WhatsApp group already. Bother yourself and check!

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