Former ‘People Power’ blogger Ashiraf Kato alias Ashburg Kato has apologized to his long-time friend Bobi Wine and all People Power staunch supporters for unsubscribing from their pressure group.

The renown blogger quit the pressure group moments after a photo of him, President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, Ray Supersta, and Balaam Barugahare went viral on social media while posing at the Head of State’s farm in Rwakitura.

Ashburg went on and conducted several media interviews with different TV stations confirming his departure from the People Power group as he heaped praise on President Museveni and Balaam.

All In The Past: Ashburg Kato with Bobi Wine and Nubian Li

In his interview, Ashburg Kato revealed how he was given 5 cows by the President. He also went down on his knees to apologize to Balaam and President Museveni for the abusive comments he ever sent their way while still under People Power.

I apologize to Bobi Wine and all the People Power supporters for quitting the pressure group.

I have now officially joined NRM and whatever you have been seeing on Facebook is true.

However, I regret and apologize to the President and Balaam for abusing them for the last 15 years that have been against them

Balaam Barugahara

Ashburg also requested the President to facilitate him with finances to travel abroad so as to remove the People Power tattoo and replace it with a National Resistance Movement (NRM) tattoo.

Before he officially quit the pressure group, an online channel; Ghetto TV, which he was working for came out and announced how they had already relieved him of his duties after they found out that he was a mole.

Ashburg Kato went ahead to claim that for the period he has been under People Power, there is nothing tangible that he achieved apart from a watch that was donated to him by Don Bahati.

He also added that the only privilege he got from Bobi Wine was to pose with him for selfies and accompany him on his cheap parties at his One Love Beach in Busaabala.

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