Overview: Bryan White vs Vivian Mutanda and Stella Nandawula

In the world of mafias, everything is about strategy. Whoever could be attacking Bryan White, did not just wake up one morning and started attacking him. No!

After twists and turns of events following the rape and torture allegations against Brian Kirumira a.k.a Bryan White by his former secretaries Vivian Mutanda and Stella Nandawula, what could be next for the moneybag?

We had a chat with Belguin Prosper L – the CEO Young & Free International Limited – as he stated his own perspective of what the Bryan Foundation CEO needs to do to survive the wrath of the women scorned (allegedly).

Prosper Belguin L

Bryan White has been lamenting about mafias that want to “finish” him off. Whether a good man or not, Bryan White is caught up in a system that Ugandans know of, but understand less about.

Just like politics, the music industry has its own self-proclaimed “lords” a.k.a ‘abanene’, comedy too, and every other sector in Uganda. Depending on how aggressive each of these “lords” is, is what constitutes the mafias. Mafias are not born, they are made. The distinction between mafias is their level of money supply, political connectivity, and their level of aggressiveness.

For Bryan White to understand and manage the current crisis that he and his foundation are facing, he needs to go back to how it started. He came with the right cause, but the wrong strategy. In the world of mafias, everything is about strategy. Whoever could be attacking Bryan White, did not just wake up one morning and started attacking him. No! That is not how mafias work.

Whoever is attacking Bryan White, took his or her time, analyzed his circles, analyzed who facilitated his connectivity, and all that well-researched stuff. I bet, Bryan White knows less of his enemies (except through rumors), but he should be sure, his enemies know a lot more about him than he might even know of himself (funny but true).

How one tells all this is by the fact that their first shot towards him – a “head-shot” – hit him. Mafias do not make mistakes. Their sole goal in life is to make money and protect their sense of pride, power, and protection. Bryan White has been pushed to a corner to the extent that he seems defenseless and is only relying on public sympathy.

Hand-In-Hand: Bryan White with his former friends Mike Mukula and Balaam Barugahare

Public sympathy will gather him criticism but not solutions. Mafias very well know that by the time a person seeks public sympathy, they are defenseless. Mafias always make sure that if you are a friend to a Lt. General in the army, they will take it a step higher than you, by becoming a friend to the General. This is about strategy.

When Bryan White came to the limelight, he knew the masses were not well, and he reportedly joined the President and Cabinet in a poverty eradication drive. Through this, he gained fame and popularity amongst the low-level Ugandans.

He went further and started supporting musicians, sponsoring their videos, and enrolling them into the Bryan White Foundation, he is no music promoter or manager, but musicians had begun turning to worship him. This means that he gained popularity and fame among the very influencers that influence low-level Ugandans.

He went ahead and penetrated the comedy industry; comedians began looking out for him. With that, he also gained popularity and fame among high-class Ugandans.

Podium Boys: Weasel Manizo, King Michael, Bryan White and Pallaso enjoy a day out in Munyonyo

When you look at his trend of business involvement, the circle was simple, he had infiltrated the hearts of; low-level Ugandans, middle level, and High level. It means, his name was sounded among all kinds of society members. By default, he had to become a friend to the political leaders.

Politics is about influencing the masses. Bryan met the criteria, even if you were the president, you would appreciate the young man. No wonder, he had begun involving in political campaigns. BUT, that is where the rope breaks. Transitioning from business to business without a clear strategy.

Bryan had a brilliant entry strategy, but unpolished maintenance and exit strategy. When Mafias want to break you, they will throw the meat right at you. They let you feel like you are rising and then pull you down. This was a game of well-calculated long-term strategy to bring down a new business competitor.

The truth is, in Uganda, if there are business mafias as alleged by Bryan (we can neither confirm nor deny their existence), those mafias have not reached the extent of being above the president’s authority. So, they all fight towards one thing, being recognized by the president and being the closest they can to him.

So, with Bryan entering government programs like poverty eradication, entertainment, humanitarian programs, and eventually politics – remember, each of those sectors has its own self proclaimed “lords” – you can imagine how many “mafias” he pissed off for entering their territories without an “under the table” agreement.

We can now imagine what would happen to Bryan White if all those “lords” came together or were fueled by one “lord” to fight back either directly or indirectly. And they will all have one “lord” as their representative and definitely, scapegoat. They know how to keep their hands clean. Cutting off his communication with the president as he alleges, is no coincidence. No, it is well crafted.

As already witnessed, they know the president appreciates Bryan White but the President is too busy to keep a direct eye on one individual. So, he relies on his informers to get updates. The relationship between the informer and the “lords” is what makes the difference.

The president could even be told Bryan White is dead or he raped a girl and is in jail, yet Bryan is busy at his home making a live video broadcast with Kasuku (a video which the president will probably never watch).

POWER?: Bryan White poses for a photo with H.E Yoweri Kaguta Museveni’s brother Gen. Salim Saleh

Also, the president will not want to associate himself with bad PR. He will let it go and put on record what he has received. He is innocently a busy man. He will only get to know about the truth if there is, when his counterintelligence team, picks up information and that is when it grabs their intention as much. Otherwise, this is a team that has very many other exclusive and sensitive issues to handle. Media wars are not their priority. Their priority is protecting the president and the country.

The mafias whom Bryan is worried about, think 4 times ahead of time. Always have plans A, B, C & D. When you seem a threat to their interests, they create bad PR for you and you become a corporate residue who only relies on public sympathy. When you become a corporate residue, your previous friends in the high places, are afraid to deal with you directly. They back off.

At the same time as you are being rejected, the mafias establish a new project or new relationship with their friends in high places, just to emphasize the point and re-establish relevance where they had earlier lost credibility because of your earlier infiltration.

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What Bryan needs to do;

Bryan should know that he is in a crisis, but now, is the time to understand the crisis. Knowing and understanding the crisis are two different things. Knowing is about information but understanding is about the dynamics and applicability. Because if you do not have insight into the dynamics, no matter the information you have, it is irrelevant and could even be intentionally wrong (reverse psychology).

He needs, at all costs, to maintain his loyalty to the president as earlier. If you mean nothing to the president or if he never recognized your efforts and never talks about them, no one will care about you. But if you are the kind who was appreciated, you will be attacked. You may not know it but it is the fact.

The city moneybag needs to check his closet for any skeletons. This closet is about people he could have intentionally trampled upon while rising. This is the time to drive around and say “Man am sorry I hurt you.” If he lets his pride take the lead, the people after him will use those very people to fuel a much bigger crisis.

For a fact, Bryan owes no one an explanation as to whether he still has money or not. Let him keep away from proving a point to people. The more he does, the more the opportunists will arise in anticipation of getting money from him in the future.

Bryan needs brains, not muscles. Bryan does not need sympathizers and live commenters, or even blogs. He needs strategists. People that understand the art of lobbying and PR. These are the people going to make him settle this crisis in a very strategic way and see him out of the prison he is in. He may not want to accept it, but he is in a prison, even on his comfy couch.

If he takes this matter lightly, he is likely to lose it all. In a way much more painful than he thinks he has faced before. He should appreciate that he is a very emotional guy and his emotions lead him astray.

Bryan should re-align his business strategy to have countermeasures for the crisis just when things get ugly. Every businessman dealing with people in high places prepares for such moments. Bryan had a brilliant entry strategy, but weak maintenance and exit strategy. If he is not careful, all his pending million-dollar deals will be quashed and he will be forced to fly out of Uganda silently.

Bryan needs to constantly monitor people who seem his close allies in this trying moment. When a person is emotional, this is the time genuine and ungenuine buddies, have the best shot. He will be shocked that some people he considered his own during this bad crisis, were only spies.

Bottom-line, Bryan White knows the origin of his woes and can only solve them using strategy, not sympathizers or public opinion.

DISCLAIMER; This is just an open-minded analysis and not a confirmation of Bryan White’s innocence or guilt or any of his alleged enemies or “mafias”.


Josh Ruby is an Editor with high interest and knowledge in the Ugandan entertainment space, an industry he has been actively part of since 2010. Leads to breaking stories are welcome!

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