It’s a Happy Eid al-Fitr, but not for everybody. It was a nightmare for NBS Katch Up show presenter Sheila Saltofte as panga wielding robbers invaded her house in Bukasa.

Early on Sunday morning at around 4am at her Bukasa house, TV Star Sheila Salta chilled at home with her family and friend Anita to unwind the week after yet another amazing Friday showdown on NBS Katch Up.

About to go to sleep but feeling something wasn’t right ,Sheila decided to double check the locks on the doors of her house. Everything seemed to be fine but upon returning to her bedroom she was confronted by two men wearing masks, standing in front of her window with machetes in their hands.

I was looking them straight in the eyes, I knew I was in danger!” Sheilah Salta narrates the ordeal. At this point, she realized that she had to act fast, sounding the alarm for her family and house-helps to know that the house was under attack.

This is not the first time the jolly TV presenter has been attacked. In 2019, Sheila and her boyfriend Maxim Stuerbaut were invaded by burglars at their house and lots of money and valuable items were taken.

This time, however, Maxim was not with her as he was spending the night at his farm in Entebbe where he is supervising the construction of their new family home.

Anita helped me to stay calm, she was so brave, I couldn’t have done it without her!

Sheila Salta
Sheila and her friend Anita who was there with her during last night’s robbery

Having been attacked before, Sheilah remembered how to take quick action as she grabbed her 7-year-old son Liam from his bedroom and locked herself and family inside the bathroom of the master bedroom. She then started calling Police and friends who came to her rescue.

It is the strongest door in our house. Max and I agreed that if ever being attacked again, that would be our safe room. Nobody can get inside! My son was confused and scared. It took ten minutes for help to arrive. I just tried to keep everybody calm and tried to focus.

Sheila Salta

According to Salta, after Police’s investigation, it appears four men tried to break into the house but failed. They only managed to get away with vegetables from her grandmother’s garden, something which shoes that people have become so desperate for food they will do anything to get it!

Sheila and her family are fine, but still in shock. “I am finally going to bed now, when I wake up I just want to celebrate Eid with my family and try to forget about this terrible Nightmare am just happy we are all safe!” Sheilah revealed last night. She also told us that Maxim plans to reinforce the security with a new camera system.

We all wish her a happy Eid and hopefully she can forget about this scary night. She promised to reach out with more information on her social media platforms today.

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