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A-List Radio and TV presenter Lucky Mbabazi has opened up about the difficult but insightful experience she went through as moved from KFM to Capital FM.

The star who has always been a darling for many over the airwaves revealed how she left KFM after she was given a “three day” ultimatum.

In an Eid message to all her fans, Mbabazi walked down memory lane in a bid to inspire everyone who was watching on her live feed on Facebook.

Spice Diana, Lucky Mbabazi and Rosa Ree at Capital FM

Quite emotionally, she initiated by throwing a disclaimer; “I don’t want to sound like a preacher.. but I thought I should share some of my experiences.

“I used to work for a radio station (KFM), I had worked there for… I think four or five years?.. I thought I was giving 100%.. okay.. maybe not 100% but lets say 95%. For some reason, the 5% fell somewhere, I was distracted by so many things.

Lucky Mbabazi in 2009

“So, after four to five years, it’s the end of the year, we are all preparing ourselves for the next phase. Ehh! Three days before the office party, they call us to our boss’ office. First of all they called a friend of mine, Aisha and told her services were nolonger needed at that radio station. Anyway after she got her letter, they called me in as well.

“I never.. I swear to God, I was so consistent, I showed up to work, I gave it 95%, I never thought I was going to get fired. I thought they were just calling me to have a conversation, may be to do progress reports. I get into my boss’ office and they were about five people with papers infront of them.

“They start by praising you, but this is what my boss said to me ‘the direction in which our radio station is taking, doesn’t have you in plan.’ So they were telling me that the radio station was taking a different direction…I was not to be part of or, my persona, my character my work was not needed.

Lucky Mbabazi (L) at KFM

“And they were giving me three days, to pack up and say good bye to my audience. I was like in a twilight zone. I wasn’t quite getting what was going on.

“So what I did, I had to really think fast and thats just me. Even if I do what. If I try to dwell on the fact that they are letting me go, then I am going to be drawn in that and I might fail to pick myself up.

Lucky at Capital in October 2011

“On that day that I was fired, I had already started making plans. So I went to another radio station, did a voice over.

I continued working working but I won’t lie to you, it was really, really tough. I remember, I did cry. I didn’t cry at work, but I went back home and started crying.

Lucky on departure

“When I was leaving, the Human Resource Manager Martha Elimu calls me, I have a conversation; ‘How do you feel? I didn’t it why you were fired. I don’t want you to be mad or upset, maybe there is a future out there for you. You never know’.

Alex Ndaula, Lucky, Aamito Lagum and Patrick Salvado in 2014

“I didn’t lose nothing because I didn’t let myself dwell on the negativity. I didn’t let myself dwell on the fact that I was fired. So I am npt going to give up because somebody thinks I should do something different.”

She added; “Never ever think that your destiny is in somebody else. Your destiny is in God’s hands.”

Lucky’s Brief Radio Journey

Lucky started working on Radio in her University days in Tanzania on Times FM. She then joined Magic FM under Africa Media group, still in the same country.

She moved to Uganda, to work for Beat FM, KFM, then Capital Radio. On Capital FM, Lucky intially featured on the “Overdrive” with Alex Ndaula, Gaetano Kaggwa and Patrick Idringi Salvador.

Gaetano (R), Salvador (2nd R) and Lucky

The duo later shifted to “Gaetano and Lucky in the Morning” – a show that airs weekdays, 6 to 10 am EAT Time.

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