Stella Nandawula when she had just become Bryan White's secretary

The photos you saw showing Vivian Mutanda and Stella Nandawula with bruised faces were planned as the latter explains that they used to fight as women but later use the photos to blackmail Bryan White.

Allegations from Stella Nandawula, Vivian Mutanda and other females rocked media as they alleged that Bryan White kidnapped, assaulted, and raped them for almost two years.

The allegations even reached the floor of parliament as parliamentarians discussed the matter in which women were crying out for help from police and everyone else who would rescue them from kidnap.

Photos and videos showing the girls with bruised faces while crying out for help circulated on social media. In response to the allegations, Bryan White revealed that he was being targeted by people who wanted to soil his image.

Stella Nandawula showing her battered face

In a recent interview with Kasuku, Stella Nandawula – one of the girls who pinned Bryan White to the atrocities – noted that whatever they alleged against the city moneybag was false.

All allegations including rape, assault, kidnap, and drug abuse were all fabricated according to Nandawula who reveals that they were using an opportunity to extort money from the philanthropist.

The truth is, if you’re being raped or defiled, if you dare get a small chance to leave the premises, you’d go to police but why didn’t we go there?

Stella Nandawula

Nandawula continued to reveal that the photos of their bruised faces were taken in August 2019 after a series of plans with other girls to blackmail Bryan White.

Bryan White

She revealed that they would fight amongst themselves after drinking booze whenever Bryan left them home and they would later take the photos out of frustration with plans of blackmailing their boss.

It’s true, Bryan used to leave us home. We used to booze and because of frustration end up fighting with Viviane and later take such pictures of injuries out of frustration. We could latter use them as an advantage to fight Bryan after being paid up by mafias.

Stella Nandawula

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