Ksh 400K copyright payment after a year was too little and just a joke – Sauti Sol

Kenyan Pop band Sauti Sol has come out to claim that the Kshs 400,000 that they earned from the Kenyan copyright law governing body after a year was too little for their expectations.

The talented and popular boy band spoke out about the cash after NBS TV’s After5 show presenter Douglas Lwanga engaged them to share some tips to Ugandan artists on how they can implement the copyright law in +256.

In their advice, the artists urged Ugandan artists to fight for what is theirs before they disclosed how their copyright law society is also still in shambles.

They went on to urge Ugandan artists to teach the public why it is important to understand the need for artists to be paid royalties before they boldly told artists of how the copyright won’t be implemented overnight or nobody will give it to them freely.

We were even paid? Hahaha… It’s not that much. Even copyright here in Kenya is still in shambles. Things will only get better until the day Africans get to learn to pay artists enough and until everybody who is in music industry starts paying for artists music, African artists won’t go forward.

So am urging Ugandan artists to fight for what is theirs. It is important that Ugandans understand the need for artists to be paid for their loyalties.

We have been fighting for such things since we were kids and upto now we are in the music business and we are still fighting for rights because we know it we won’t just come overnight and no one is going to it to you.

And just so get to know that the Kshs400k is for a period of over a year which is too little and it’s just a joke in other words

Sauti Sol

Sauti Sol furthermore asked Ugandans not to compare themselves with Kenya reasoning that they are still riding in the same boat though we look at them as a nation which is 10 steps ahead of Uganda.

VIDEO: @SautiSol advises Ugandan artistes on how to strategically handle copyright issues in the music industry if they are to benefit from this policy. #NBSAfter5

Posted by NBS After 5 on Tuesday, May 26, 2020

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