Trouble Tabu Entertainment C.E.O Gereson Wabuyu alias Gravity Omutujju stung Gagamel boss Bebe Cool when he revealed that the artists’ reasoning and understanding capacity are very low and too shallow.

The renown local rapper took a swipe at the Wire Wire singer when he was asked if he would ever allow to be led by the father of five under the same group.

Gravity, who recently released his brand new tune dubbed Batujoze Nyo quickly responded to the question stating that he can’t allow to be under the leadership of Bebe because his reasoning is very shallow.

He, however, acknowledged him of being a good artist adding that it is the only reason why he hit the studio with him to record their Karere song.

Nonetheless, the rapper maintained that Bebe’s music prowess doesn’t take away the fact that his understanding is too low.

I can’t be under Bebe Cool because his reasoning and understanding is very low and too shallow. Though we worked on a song together because he is a good artist but that doesn’t take away the fact that his reasoning and understanding is too shallow.

Gravity Omutujju

When the interviewer went ahead to request him to have a comment about Zuena’s new hairstyle, Gravity also trashed it noting that a woman of her stature doesn’t have to style her hair in such a kiddish way.

The last time we reported about Gravity making a statement about Zuena was when he advised Bebe Cool to tell his wife to stop gossiping about him.

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