Even for Shs50m, you won’t be able to have a night with Source Management’s self-styled Star Gal Spice Diana as the songstress revealed in a recent interview.

By now, we can affirm that Spice Diana is one of the wealthiest female artistes in Uganda. What more would she need from a man apart from a relationship? Because she has whatever a girl in her age bracket needs.

She has all the fame, the hit songs, passionate fans, the beauty, a multi-million mansion, a fleet of cars – you name it – but a man. Or at least, precisely, one that we know of.

Much has been said of Spice’s sexuality before and she has always maintained that she is attracted to the opposite sex. Often, she has been rumored to be dating a couple of local artistes but she has always denied.

Critics have narrowed the rumors down to her own manager Roger Lubega as several allege that the two are in a romantic relationship beyond music matters. They have always trashed those reports, however.

So then who is the lucky man in Spice Diana’s life? And if there isn’t any, what would it take to win over her heart?

Well, to start with – NOT MONEY!! During an interview with Luzze Andrew Anderson, the songtress made it clear that money cannot buy love but only eases the process.

When asked if she would allow to getaway with any man if up to UGX. 50M was offered, Spice Diana revealed that Shs50m is an amount she can make on her own in a week so it cannot sway her off her feet.

This money can be depleted but your dignity as a woman will be gone. Shs50m is small money to me, it’s nothing.

Spice Diana

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