Sheebah Karungi and Spice Diana have been somewhat consistent in the last five years and they are arguably the finest divas in the land but how does the latter feel about a comparison with the former?

Amongst both artistes, there is mutual respect. Sheebah and Spice Diana often accord so much respect to each other, both on the music stage and away from it.

They are two divas that have redefined the art for most female artistes. They have achieved so much in terms of hit songs, awards, fan base, sold out concerts and are an inspiration for most ladies as they each own a multi-million mansion.

Easily, they will tell you that it all came from hardwork but both artistes have so much to be grateful for to their respective managements. All said, however, who is the better artiste?

That is a question we would spend the whole day debating. Some music fans and critics have often drawn comparisons amongst the artistes and during an interview with Luzze Anderson, Spice Diana revealed how she feels about the comparisons.

Not bad at all because I’ve never woken up and compared myself to anyone. I am Spice, I can’t be anybody else. I will always be me and they are them but it’s always good to know that you’re compared to good artistes.

Spice Diana

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