Eccentric fashionista Emolsa Haasacha recycles Trash Bag into Creative Wear

Emolsa Haasacha is known to make loud statements with his sense of style that many have described as “weird” although it’s fascinating and creative since he tends to put Pablo Picasso’s statement “Everything you can imagine is real” in his artistic creations.

Not only is Emolsa known for his eccentricity, he is a model scout and creative director behind Emolsam DNA along Isingoma Leumas Sam, the creative duo behind some of the unique crafts or projects such as the visuals of the popular jam Sunday by Deejays Slick stuart and Roja featuring Allan Toniks, among others.

Emolsa is also rumored to have been the brains behind the underwater experience at the Pearl of Africa Fashion Awards that had models walk in water.

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Were you wondering how I sat or dressed up in that cage at @abryanzstyleandfashionawards ? Well watch my interview (video) by @watchdoguganda (link in bio) and below is the story behind it. . Postmodernism meets Africanism My #ASFAS2018 red-carpet look is a representation of the prison that the African setting has coiled around it's people towards expressing their true nature and creativity. In this era of postmodernism, We are still groomed to be normal, to follow society stereotypes and limitations, to believe that some jobs(bankers,lawyers and doctors) are better than the rest(fashion affiliated jobs) yet the end result is all about money rather than true individualism and happiness. Our passion and happiness are traded for family prestige and we are still tasked to think outside the box yet by now, all we should be thinking is outside the planet. Our Future is in our hands,but the hands are tied and are captive somewhere inside a cage brewing to be set free!! This is not just a fashion statement, it's an expression through the rich perspective of my artistry in an African mental slavery environment. I almost questioned myself for the missing ankara invasion on my look but am reminded everytime that my melanin is the international standard sign for africanism and I needn't accessorise it. #FashionisPower. USE IT. … and ohh! I thought I had outlived my modeling days but am still referred to as one. Photo by @rollandrollie . . . . . . . . . . #met #mencouture #asfas2018 #redcarpetseason #redcarpet #bohemianstyle #boldmen #voguestyle #gumboots

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He’s one of the highly respected fashionistas who has many on their toes because he dares to strike uniquely different every time when he goes out either for an occasion or for any other business.

He has made appearances at the top fashion-inspired events like Blankets and Wine, Abryanz Style and Fashion Awards, usually dressed in creatively designed eccentric wear.

Bruce Garrabrandt says that, “Creativity isn’t waiting for the perfect moment. It fashions its own perfect moments out of ordinary ones.” Well, fashion darer Emolsa Haasacha decides to play with a trash bag and recycles it to make a fashion statement as he states; “TRASH BAG RECYCLING”

On this, Emolsa is conserving mother nature in this COVID-19 situation while transforming a trash bag into wearable masterpiece.

If trash was a person……” Here you go: (Photography Courtesy of Emolsa Hasaacha)

(Compiled with  the help of Sheilla Clara, a Fashion and Entertainment Lover)

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