She wrapped herself in toilet paper – Kansiime mocks Zahara Totto’s dress

Zahara Totto’s stylist, if she has one, must have buried her head in sand after renown comedienne Anne Kansiime likened the TV presenter’s dress to toilet paper.

She dresses like Lazarus… As if she wrapped herself in toilet paper… Looks like a mummy…” Anne Kansiime was having a field day last evening in mockery of NBS UnCut presenter Zahara Totto’s dress.

The popular comedienne, while watching the UnCut show, took a photo of Zahara Totto while on TV. She shared it on her Facebook account with the caption, “Tuli kuki!!!?”

The photo that showed Zahara in a severe fashion moment gathered several comments as different people gave their reactions.

Zahara Totto’s dress

Some of the followers who commented on Kansiime’s post urged her to be kind and not say all the tough words but she wasn’t having it as she emphasized how Totto never has kind words for others as well.

Among the several comments that came pouring in on Kansiime’s post, we noticed a few top figures in the fashion industry laughing along and joining the mocking brigade.

Well, truth be told, the dress looked really off and so uncharacteristic of someone who might consider herself a top celebrity. Take a gaze at Kansiime’s post here:

We are yet to get a response from the self-styled lugambo Field Marshall but we can be sure it’s coming, directly or indirectly.

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