Zamba and his wife Tamar

Ugandan musician Ernest Nsimbi also known as GNL Zamba has turned love doctor as he urged youth to take their time while finding partners.

GNL Zamba and Tamar

Zamba says everyone should try to remain Single until they find one who adds Importance to them.

Speaking through his Twitter platform, Zamba said it will not be worth it if one ends up with a less constructive partner.

“Stay single until you find someone that adds value to your life. Be with someone that helps you grow… otherwise it isn’t really worth it,” he tweeted.

In perspective, after GNL moved to USA for further studies, and his success has since been partly credited to his Jewish wife Miriam Tamar.

The duo got married April 29, at Cielo Farms vineyards in Malibu, California in 2018.

GNL Zamba

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